Thursday, 29 September 2011


About me

Hello. I'm JB. I have always been into music but I'm fairly new to headphones. My first headphone was the Sennheiser HD438, followed by the Grado SR60i. In the last four months, I have spent a lot more on this hobby than on any other. This is also due to the fact that headphones, amplifiers and other audio tweaks are way more expensive here than in the US.

I'm currently pursuing a diploma in Aeronautical Engineering. Most of the reviews and tweaks on this blog will be purely subjective in nature as I do not have the means to test out the headphones with proper equipment. However I will post some links to external sources that may contain a lot of techy-mumbo-jumbo where I see fit.

Is this just another audio blog?

Why yes, yes it is. Like many other audio blogs on the internet, mine is no different. I'm here to pen down my thoughts on things related to audio, namely music, headphones, headphone tweaks and amplifiers. Maybe some other things, I don't know yet. I currently own a really modest rig that I'm content with.

I'm not an audiophile but I do appreciate good music. 

Favourite music?

Most of what I listen to is mainstream music. I'm not a huge fan of metal, country and classical music. I'm more of an alternative rock, indie, electronic, dubstep and acoustic guitar type of person. My favourite bands are The Killers and Arctic Monkeys. 

pe-arctic-monkeys-humbug.jpg (480×480)

There's just something about The Killers' music that really calms me.